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Suepernz Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland England 1800 2000 Send Message
Jane Elizabeth Burgess (married name Perkins) and Mary J Burgess (married name Waugh). b 1875 and 1873 respectively


Suepernz Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland England 1800 1950 Send Message
Elizabeth Paulin, married William Burgess Jan-Mar qtr 1873


Suepernz Clerkenwell London England 1800 2000 Send Message
Lizzie Emma Bills, daughter of Thomas Bills

Brooks Brookes

Susang Cawston / Coltishall Norfolk England 1700 1900 Send Message
George Brooks, grocer at Coltishall, born circa 1805 at Cawston, the son of James and Elizabeth Brooks


Susanlangley140@hotmail.com england All England 1874 1950 Send Message
I am looking for information in regards to my great grandfather. Edwin Priestley, born Wibsey yorks, 1874, This is what i know about him, his fathers name was Ezra, his mother was hannah, He married my great garndmother Louisa Ratcliffe, She immagrated to toronto canada 1923-1926 on the mendossa, They had 2 children, Olive born october 1908, and my grand father Arthur, who was born 1911, I know more about those three, but can find very little on edwin, in 1901 census he is listed as a stone merchant traveller, He was alleged to have been a very abusive man to wards his wife and children. also that he was supposed to have been fairly wealthy, He also is supposed to have committed sucide sometime between the years of 1945, and 1948. One thing of traditon that has been carried through the generations is that the first male child born, has been named edwin arthur, or arthur edwin, my parent carried this traditon on with my brother. I would greatly appreciate any help that may led me to where i may be able to find where he is intombed, where he may have lived, anything would be greatly appreciated. I am a priestley by birth, and live in oshawa, ontario Canada. Thankyou Susan Priestley Langley


Susan_coe Ruddington Nottinghamshire England 0 1778 Send Message
Seeking the baptism of William Brown, who said he was of Ruddington when he married Elizabeth Stokes in Long Clawson, Leicestershire in 1778.

Buxton Buckstone

Susan_coe Stoke-on-trent Staffordshire England 0 1809 Send Message
Seeking marriage of George to Elizabeth. Their eldest son Edward was born in Lane End/Longton in 1797. I am descended from George born 1801. George also had brothers Josiah born 1805, Felix born 1806 and Henry born 1809.


Susie Hull Yorkshire England 0 2050 Send Message
Looking for Francis William Featherstone1785-1835,married Elizabeth Gorlays/Corlass 1789-? I think he was a doctor who moved to London about 1820 but he was buried in Hull.


Sylvia3005 Garforth West Riding England 1728 1801 Send Message
William was my 6xgt.grandfather. He married Elizabeth Stainwhite 22.11.1756. I am seeking his d.o.b.


Tacy St. Mary's Nottinghamshire England 1800 1900 Send Message
George Rawson born about 1834 was my ancestor. His mother, Elizabeth Rawson, daughter of John Rawson and Charlotte Best, married Richard Ward Feb 19, 1854.

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