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Couchman Farningham Kent England 1850 1920
Seeking descendant infomation on the marriage of Alice Couchman to Sidney Mills in 1893 - three children Frederick, Edward and Rosina.
Dean Kingsdown Kent England 1775 1925
Migrated to Western Australia and Tasmanai
Hedding Eaton Socon Kent England 1743 1850
Also Wyboston
Hollands Fawkham Kent England 1829 1900
Seeking descendant information of the family of John Hollands and Mahole?? recorded as having ten children.
Honey Pluckley Kent England 1784 1908
Part of the 1820 British Settlers to South Africa.
Honeybun Walthamstow Middlesex England 1772 2006
Sgt in St Helen Regiment. Married Elizabeth Mittens
Kidd Velenhilston Buckinghamshire England 1760 1850
Ancestor of 1820 British settlers to South Africa
King London Middlesex England 1770 1908

Mellish Kingsdown Kent England 1861 1920
Seeking descendants of the marriage of John Mellish and Jemima Mills who married on 20 Feb 1897 in Kingsdown in Kent
Mills Kingsdown Kent England 1701 1850
Seeking information on the ancestors and descendants of John Mills and Sophia Richardson who were married 1814 in Kingsdown, Kent, England
Pattenden Greenwich Kent England 1755 1960

Richardson Kingsdown Kent England 1755 1900
Seeking information on the ancestors and descendants of Pergamus Richardson and Ellizabeth Collyer who married in 1781 in St Edmunds, Kingsdown, Kent, England
Threadingham Hampshire England 1880 1006

Tidy Rudgwick Sussex England 1830 1930
Seeking information on the descendants and ancestors of David Tidy and Catherine Mills married 4 Mar 1886, Kingsdown, Kent.
Weston Yalding Kent England 1824
Seeking descendants of the Yalding Weston family as follows: Weston, James Born 1824 Weston, Sarah Born 1819 Weston, Mary Born 1853 Weston, Elizabeth Born 1859 Weston, James Thomas Born 1862 Weston, John Born 1865 James Thomas Weston b 1862 married Naomin Dean b. 1853 in 1884 in Maidstone
Whiting Kingsdown Kent England 1822 1900
Interested in obtaining information on the ancestors and descendants of Anne Whiting born 1822 in Kingsdown who married Henry Mills



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Elizabeth Dean
27 Jul 1834 Kingsdown, All, England

Sabrina Fremantle
Married to John Cousins
Sarah Ann Dean
13 Jun 1838 Chimbhams, Farningham, Kent, England

Escourt Fremantle
Married to Edward Ralph
William Dean
25 Mar 1798 Walton on Hill, Surrey, England

Arelia Hobart
Tasmania, Australia
Married to Susannah Millar
Thomas King
31 Jul 1802 London, Merseyside, England

Part of the 1820 British Settlers to South Africa.
Elizabeth Honey
1811 , Kent, England

Northhampton Gravesend Algoa Bay
South Africa
Part of the 1820 British Settlers to South Africa.


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