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Ainsworth leicestershire All England

Bailey Sileby Leicestershire England
WILLIAM BAILEY b abt 1848 sileby, died 1896 sileby married ELIZABETH DARBY b abt 1853(twin) b in barrow upon soar, married the 27/05/1872. She died abt 1903 in loughborough. children were. GEORGE HENRY BAILEY,FREDERICK BAILEY,ARTHUR EDWARD BAILEY, ANNIE LETITIA BAILEY, WILLIAM BERNARD BAILEY.All born in sileby.
Barby Loughborough Leicestershi All England 1870 1920
jonah henry barby b 1870 wicken northampton, married FLORENCE SARAH SWAIN 1888 lough,leics
Bollands Melton Mowbray Leicestershire England 1822 1860
I am looking for any information anyone can give me on this family. JOSEPH BOLLANDS b abt 1822 molten mowbray married MARY DARBY b abt 1821 melton mowbray. They married 26 nov, 1842. CHILDREN: 1.ANNE MARIA BOLLANDS c 24 sept, 1843 2.TAMAR BOLLANDS c 9 aug, 1846 3.GEORGE BOLLANDS c 31 dec, 1848 4.DERBY JOSEPH BOLLANDS c 25 sept, 1853 All in molten mowbray,leicestershire.
Bostock Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England
JOHN BOSTOCK b abt 1817 barrow upon soar, married ELIZABETH DARBY the 8 feb, 1857 barrow upon soar, ELIZABETH was b 10 jan, 1828 and died the 21 march, 1865 age 38.she was the daughter of WILLIAM DARBY and ROSE HAINSWORTH
Bradshaw Mountsorrel Leicestershire England
I found from a source the name of HENRY BRIGGS wife. Her name was ELIZABETH ANN BRADSHAW b 1850 mountsorrel, and they married in 1872 barrow upon soar. children: arthur briggs,john briggs,william briggs,lucian briggs,lydia briggs and amos briggs.
Bradshaw Leicestershire All England

Briggs Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1880 1970
Lucian briggs b in barrow upon soar married Caroline darby b abt 1880 in barrow upon soar, they married dec qtr 1903. Caroline died 2 july 1907 in quorn but is buried in the barrow upon soar cemetery.
Brin Rempstone Nottinghamshire England
SARAH BRIN b abt 1764 ntts, married BENJAMIN SELBY the 21 sept, 1783 rempstone.
Burton Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England
GEORGE BURTON b abt 1849 barrow upon soar married MARY FACER in 1868. GEORGE died the 11 may, 1927 he was a frame work knitter, and MARY died the 1 feb, 1933.
Caunt Whitwell All England
I am looking for any information on FRANK LAURENCE CAUNT b between 1900-1910, married WINIFRED MAY JELF in Islington london the 16 june, 1934 and is believed to of gone to canada around 1947.
Chapman Mountsorrel Leicestershire England

Cooper leicestershire All England
ANN COOPER married JOSEPH DARBY the 30 june,1814 barrow upon soar ,leicestershire. JOSEPH DARBY was c. abt 1792 barrow uon soar,his parents were THOMAS DARBY c abt 1764 and ANN WILD c abt 1764.
Corah not sure Leicestershire England
I am looking for the family of JOHN CORAH he had a daughter named ANN CORAH who first married a STEVENS, when he died she then remarried to THOMAS SELBY the 26 dec, 1914 loughborough leicestershire
Cutler Loughborough Nottinghamshire England
I am looking for MARIA/MARY CUTLER b abt 1831 nottingham, she married BENJAMIN SELBY june qtr 1849 lough, MARIA/MARY died 1 feb, 1890.
Darby Leicestershire England
WILLIAM DARBY c abt 1821 barrow upon soar married ANN RICHARDS b abt 1822 bobbers mill nottingham. They married abt 1840 in nottingham(radford) children. 1.SARAH DARBY b abt 1840 bobbers mill, ntts,2. MARTHA DARBY b abt 1841,3.MARIA DARBY b abt 1841, married GEORGE LEWIN ABT 1860, MARIA died abt 1871. 4. ANN DARBY b abt 1843 married RICHARD SUTTON. 5. EDWARD DARBY b abt 1845 thrussington,leics, married MARTHA LOCKWOOD 19 april, 1870, 6.MARY DARBY b abt 1846 barrow upon soar, 7. HELEN DARBY b abt 1847 barrow upon soar, died 1847.8.ELIZA DARBY b abt 1848. 9. ELIZABETH DARBY b abt 1849, died 1850,10.EMMA DARBY b abt 1850 married GEORGE EDWARD SWAIN IN 1869. 11.WILLIAM DARBY b abt 1852 thrussington,leics married ELIZA WINTERTON IN 1877 BARROW UPON SOAR. 12.ELIZABETH DARBY b abt 1853 sixhills(twin) married WILLIAM BAILEY may 27 1872 sileby. 13. MARTHA DARBY b abt 1853 sixhills(twin) married BERNARD SWANSWICK BRETNOR in abt 1874 barrow upon soar.14. FANNY DARBY b abt 1854 thrussington,leics married GEORGE LEWIN ABT 1872.15.SAMUEL DARBY b abt 1856 thrussington. 16. PRISCILLA DARBY b abt 1858 thrussington married HENRY THOMAS BRADSHAW abt 1875 barrow upon soar, PRISCILLA died sept qtr 1891 in northampton.17. GRACE DARBY b abt 1860 thrussington, 18. JOHN THOMAS DARBY b abt 1862 sixhills married ELIZA STARK sept qtr 1885 barrow upon soar.JOHN died in 1943 barrow upon soar,ELIZA died 19 april, 1941. 19. GEORGE HENRY DARBY b abt 1864 barrow upon soar married EMMA BOTWOOD march qtr 1892 nothampton.20.JOSEPH RICHARDS DARBY b abt 1867 barrow upon soar married EMMA CUNNINGTON sept qtr 1893.
Darby Kingsthrope Northamptonshire England
GEORGE HENRY DARBY b abt 1864 barrow upon soar,leicestershire, married EMMA BOTWOOD in northampton abt 1892.EMMA was b abt 1870,liverpool lancashire.Had a brother named JOHN BOTWOOD b abt 1876. children were. MARY AGNES DARBY b abt 1893 northamptonshire, WINIFRED RICHARDS DARBY b abt june qte 1894 same, JULIE H M DARBY or JULIE ELLEN DARBY b abt 1895 same, ANGELA MARY DARBY b sept qtr 1899 same. in 1901 they were living at 67 abington cottages,northampton.
Darby Enderby Leicestershire England
william darby living at 83 west street in 1901 enderby leics, with family. wife ELIZA DARBY(WINTERTON) CHILDREN: 1.LUCY A DARBY b 1879 walsall staffordshire 2.ADA DARBY b abt 1880 huncote leics 3.CAROLINE DARBY b 1883 enderby 4.MABEL MARY DARBY b abt 1884 5.EMMANUEL DARBY b 1888 enderby 6.SAMUEL DARBY b 1890 same 7.WILLIAM DARBY b 1892 same 8.JOHN E DARBY b 1895 same 9.GEORGE DARBY b 1898 same 10.JAMES R DARBY b 1900-01 same
Darby Barrow Upon Soar All England

Darby Melton Mowbray Leicestershire England 1818 1830
DAVID DARBY b 3 june,1798 barrow upon soar married DOROTHY THROPE abt 1818 in melton mowbray leicestershire. CHILDREN: 1.MARY DARBY b abt 1821 melton mowbray 2.THOMAS DARBY c 15 march 1824 same 3.JOSEPH DARBY c 10 july, 1826 same
Darby Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1860 1960
Samuel darby b 11 sept, 1860 barrow upon soar married (first wife) Elizabeth mary neal june qtr 1883. Samuel worked as a blacksmith and was the bandmaster of barrow on soar band. (second wife) Isabella bilton married dec qtr 1903.
Dennis Loughborough All England
MARY DENNIE married THOMAS SELBY THE 26 DEC, 1809 barrow upon soar leicestershire .MARY was born abt 1788.
dickens burton on the wolds,lough Leicestershire England 1840 2000
I am looking for HENRY DICKENS who was born in loughborough leicestershire,he married ELIZABETH SELBY the 19 aug, 1860 loughborough leicestershire, she was born the 29 dec, 1839 lough,leics and she died the 29 dec, 1896.I am hoping she is the daughter of my 3x grandfather BENJAMIN SELBY. HEBRY and ELIZABETH,S children were 1.JOHN HENRY DICKENS b abt 1859 lough,leics,died 1942 2.ANN JANE DICKENS b 29 march, 1861 lough,leics 3.ELIZABETH ALICE DICKENS b 1863 whissendine rutland 4.THOMAS WILLIAM DICKENS b 29 oct, 1865 whissendine rutland 5.EMMA DICKENS b 1868 burton on the wolds,leics 6 CLARA DICKENS b 1870 same 7.SUSAN DICKENS b 1872 same 8. FLORA DICKENS b 1876 same
Foster Loughborough Leicestershire England 1883 1970
GERTRUDE FOSTER b abt 1883 in leicester loughborough, married WALTER CUTLER SELBY june qtr 1902 walter was born abt 1882 loughborough. They may of had 2 children, WALTER SELBY b 30 july, 1903 died 27 aug, 1903 and WILLIAM CUTLER SELBY b dec qtr 1904.
Frame Loughborough Nottinghamshire England
Looking for MARY ROSALINE FRAME b abt 1865, died 7 may, 1907. she married JOHN H SELBY abt 1883 lough. JOHN was b abt 1863.
Giles All England
I am looking for any info about BARBARA GILES who married HENRY HALLAM. This is all I know for now.
Glibbery Northamptonshire England
AGNES MARY DARBY b abt 1899 northamptonshire, may of married ??? GLIBBERY in northampton.
Goodacre Plumtree Nottinghamshire England 1803
SARAH GOODACRE c 1803 rempstone married Benjamin selby the 1 april, 1827 in plumtree ntts, Benjamin was b. 6 oct, 1799 (twin).
Hainsworth Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England

Hall Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England

Hallam Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England
GEORGE HENRY HALLAM or GEORGE HARRY HALLAMmarried BERTHA DARBY b abt 1882, married sept qtr 1903. children: TOM HALLAM, was killed on a motor cycle by a run away horse, JACK HALLAM,SID HALLAM,HENRY HALLAM,FLORIE HALLAM and EDNA HALLAM.
Hallam Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England
Looking for anyone who may have CHARLES HALLAM c 30 jan, 1835, died 1910 was a postman. He married one of my ancestors ROSE DARBY b abt 1839 barrow upon soar,leics.
Hammond Loughborough Leicestershire England
Elizabeth hammond b abt 1858 loughborough married Benjamin selby b abt 1858 loughborough, they married june qtr 1879. Benjamin died 8 jan, 1898. Children were, annie(hannah), Benjamin,elizabeth, ellen, ethel, maria and maybe a sarah.
Harriman Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England

Harris Woodhouse Eaves Leicestershire England
Mary rebecca harris b abt 1865 in woodhouse eaves married Arthur selby b abt 1868 in loughborough. they married abt 1888 in barrow upon soar.Found 3 children. George arthur selby, harold selby and walter selby.
How Watford Hertfordshire England
Charlotte sarah how b abt 1839 watford hertfordshire, married John hull b abt 1839 barrow upon soar,leicestershire.
Hull Watford, Hertfordshire England

Kellam bagworth Leicestershire England
william kellam b abt 1845 bagworth leics(occupation INN KEEPER) married ANNIE DARBY the 29 june 1867 at the St-George parish church,leics CHILDREN: 1. JOSEPH KELLAM b abt 1868 leics town 2.WILLIAM KELLAM b abt 1869 thorton leics 3.ERNEST KELLAM b abt 1874 nailstone leics 4.ANNIE M KELLAM b abt 1875 barrow upon soar leics 5.CHARLES H KELLAM b 1877 barrow upon soar,leics
Lewin leicestershire All England
George Lewin married Maria darby THEY MARRIED ABT 1860. they were both born abt 1841.When Maria died the 16 nov, 1871 barrow upon soar George remarried to maria's younger sister FANNY DARBY b abt 1854 thrussington.
Lockwood Thrussington Leicestershire England

Lovett Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1891 1970
Charlotte w lovett married George henry darby b june qtr 1891 in barrow upon soar and they married dec qtr 1912 barrow upon soar
Mitchell leicestershire All England

Morris Pontypridd Glamorgan Wales 1882 1970
ELSIE MAUD MORRIS b abt 1882 in glamourganshire pontypridd married GEORGE CUTLER SELBY abt mar qtr 1901.George was a tailor and he was born abt 1880 in loughborough
Oldham Walton On The Wolds Leicestershire England

Price Gotham Nottinghamshire England
JOHN PRICE c 2 march 1776 bunny ntts, married MARY SELBY the 25 may 1806 gotham. children: 1.SARAH PRICE-20 FEB,1807 GOTHAM, married WILLIAM POWDRILL the 16 april 1827, SARAH died in 1897 2.ELIZABETH PRICE c8 may, 1808 gotham, married JOSEPH PEPPER the 29 oct, 1828 gotham, ELIZABETH died in 1878 3.THOMAS PRICE c 9 may, 1810 gotham, married ANN ROPER, he died in 1843 4.BENJAMIN PRICE c 26 jan, 1812 gotham, died 1813 5.WILLIAM PRICE c 13 march 1814 gotham, died 6 may 1821 6.BENJAMIN PRICE c 12 july, 1818 gotham, married ANN BOWSLEY ,he died in 1898
Price Gotham Nottinghamshire England 1800 1900
Alice price married Thomas selby the 19 jan, 1829 in rempstone or gotham. Alice was born 28 sept, 1800 gotham and thomas was born in rempstone 6 oct, 1799 (twin). Parents of Alice price were John price b 22 june, 1766 gotham and Mary arim from clifton.Alice died the 25 may, 1876.
Richards Loughborough Nottinghamshire England
Ann richards married WILLIAM DARBY abt 1845 loughborough. Ann was b abt 1825 in bobbersmill ntts, and william was b abt 1821.
Roper Leicestershire England 1850
Rudkin Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England

Selby Pontypridd Glamorgan Wales 1900
I have GEORGE CUTLER SELBY b 1880 loughborough leics, going to pontypridd and married ELISE MAUD MORRIS in 1901 and she was b abt 1882 pontypridd. I am interested in finding any children.
Selby Rearsby Leicestershire England
Richard selby c 30 jan, 1791 rempstone, married Ann thompson .She was b abt 1794 in rearsby leicestershire.I have children as follows. Sarah selby C 2 MAY, 1813 REARSBY, John selby c 30 may, 1815 same, MARY SELBY c 8 july, 1818 same, Winifred selby C 25 NOV, 1821 SAME, Jane selby c 21 sept, 1828, died 20 march 1831 same,Harriott selby c 27 march, 1831 same, George selby c 17 dec, 1834 and William selby b abt 1838.
Selby Rempstone Nottinghamshire England 1900
I am looking for SELBY'S who were born in rempstone nottingham
Selby Loughborough Nottinghamshire England 1700 1900

Selby Rempstone Nottinghamshire England 1764 1862
Benjamin selby b 6 nov, 1764 rempstone married Sarah brin the 21 sept, 1783 on rempstone, sarah was b abt 1764
STANTON London England 1886
I have this family in which I am looking for more info. FREDERICK HARRY STANTON b abt 1886(maybe london) married MARIA SELBY the 4 march, 1911 at the holy trinity parish church loughborough.FREDERICK was a painter and his father was FREDERICK HARRY STANTON.MARIA'S father was BENJAMIN SELBY
Stevens loughborough Leicestershire England 1880
I am looking for anyone who would have ANN STEVENS(nee CORAH) b about 1885.She had married a STEVENS but he died and then she married THOMAS SELBY the 26 dec, 1914 loughborough leicestershire.ANN'S father was JOHN CORAH and he was a green grocer. I have found no children yet for THOMAS and ANN.
Sutcliffe London England
Tom sutcliffe from london married ELSIE SELBY b abt 1896 loughborough, had 2 children PAULINE SUTCLIFFE and FREDDIE SUTCLIFFE
Sutton Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1840 1890
RICHARD SUTTON b abt 1849 married ANN DARBY b abt 1843.They married about sept qtr 1868 barrow upon soar. Children were. MARTHA SUTTON b abt 1869 in barrow upon soar and was a HOSIERY WELTER, HARRIET ANN SUTTON,b abt 1871 barrow upon soar was a HOSIERY STITCHER, MARY SUTTON b abt 1874 loughborough was a HOSIERY GERMAN SEAMER, ABEDNEGO SUTTON b abt 1879, loughborough was a ERRAND BOY,ETHEL MARIA SUTTON b abt 1880 loughborough was a SCHOLAR, SAMUEL SUTTON, b abt 1886 loughborough was also a SCHOLAR.
Swain Leicestershire England

Tilford Stapleford Nottinghamshire England
Waite Quorn Leicestershire England
Benjamin george waite b abt 1879 in quorn married Theresa annie darby b june qtr 1877 in barrow upon soar, they married dec qtr 1898 in barrow upon soar .George worked as an elastic web weaver.May have had these 2 children Rosa waite b abt 1900 barrow upon soar and evelyn waite b abt 1901 same.
Ward Leicestershire Leicestershire England
FREDERICK JOHN WARD b 1898 married MARY ELLEN DARBY the 22 may, 1920.MARY was b in 1893 barrow upon soar leicestershire.
Whitehead derbyshire All England
George whitehead b abt 1882 married Charlotte maria selby the 15 april,1911 at the UNITED ALFRETON METHODIST CHURCH. CHARLOTTE MARIA SELBY was b abt 1892 in loughborough, leicestershire. George whitehead's father was JAMES WHITEHEAD. CHARLOTTE's parents were CHARLOTTE SARAH SELBY(nee HULL) and THOMAS SELBY.
Wild Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1761 1800
I made a mistake in my last post here. It was THOMAS DARBY b abt 1764 who married ANN WILD the 15 sept, 1782 barrow upon soar. I am not sure where THOMAS was born. I may have a lead about who THOMAS'S parents were but not 100% sure.
Wild Barrow Upon Soar Leicestershire England 1760 1800
ANN WILD married JOHN DARBY .ANN was c abt 1761 and JOHN was c abt 1764 barrow upon soar leicestershire.They married the 15 sept, 1782 barrow upon soar
Winterton barrow upon soar Leicestershire England
Eliza winterton married William Darby sept qtr 1877 in barrow upon soar,william was b abt 1852 thrussington and she was b abt 1852.
witherbed loughborough,leicestershi Leicestershire England 1890 2000
If anyone has this family in their please please contact me. JOHN HENRY WITHERBED b abt 1890, married MARY ROSALIND SELBY in 1911 loughborough leicestershire. children.JOHN HENRY WITHERBEDb 1912, ANNIE E WITHERBED b 1914, GEORGE FREDERICK WITHERBED b 1917 loughborough, died 17 april, 1943 netherlands WW2.Married DOREEN TEBBUTT. arthur witherbed B 192O loughborough, JOYCE M WITHERBED b 1926 loughborough



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george cutler Selby
1880 loughborough, Leicestershire, England



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