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Boggis Ringsfield-Kirby Kane-Gel All England 1726
Robert Boggis bp1726 married Mary Smith in 1754. Their daughter Elizabeth bp 1756 had four illegitimate children before marrying Samuel Fisk in 1788. My great great grandfather James bp1782 was one of her bastard sons although it is likely that Samuel who was her cousin was the father. This copuld only be proved by DNA. James married twice. His second wife was Rhoda Balls nee Bradnum. They were market gardners at Kirby Kane. Their son James b1823 married Charlotte Buck in 1852. He farmed at Geldestone. Their son Albert b1869 is my grandfather who was a gardner in Beccles and died in 1938. He married Harriet Freestone
Buck Woodton Norfolk England 1792 1853
Benjamin Buck is my great great grandfather and in years of research I have not been able to find who his parents are. In the 1851 census his birthpace is said to be Woodton. He married Charlotte Read in 1831 and a witness at the wedding was Maria Buck b1807 to James Buck and Charlotte Strike. There is only one child of the marriage Charlotte who married James Boggis in 1852 at Ellingham in Suffolk
Freeston Mendham-Metfield-Bungay-B All England 1697 1918
William Freston bp1697 was Lord of Witchingdon Hall (or Whitendons or Wichendons Manor. He married Margaret Kedington aprox 1722. they had two daughters and four sons. Cook /Coke inheritied the title. My ancestor was the youngest son John bp1730 he married Lydia and their son Anthony bp 1751 married Sarah Vincent in 1777. They had three daughters and four sons. William bp 1777 is my great great great grandfather. He was an agricultural labourer and died in Shipmeadow Workhouse in1858 aged 81. His daughter Harriet had a son outside marriage in 1843 by Abishar Baker. Although they later married her son's name was never changed from Robert Baker Freestone and so the descendants bear the name Freestone
Griffin West Horrington All England 1824
Joseph Griffin b1824 on his marriage certificate it states that his father is unknown.The census record for 1851 gives his place of birth as Chewton but in 1861 as Croscombe. There is a Joseph Griffin in the 41 census for one of these places but it is indistinct in record office copies. By the time of his marriage to Charlotte Brown in East Horrington in 1848 he was an agricultural labourer. they had eight children. I know what happened to all but two of them Sarah b1849 appears in the 1861 census for Connards Green when she was twelve years old and that is all i know if her. Julia the youngest after the death of her parents moved to Baltonsborough where she worked for and lived with her sister but disappears after the 1881 census when she was 15 years old. Joseph died in 1879. His son Nelson b1863 was my grandfather who married Maria Tyte.
Riches Ditchingham All England 1780 1833
William Riches married Sarah and their son James bp 1780 at St Augustines Norwich is my great great great grandfather whi in 1810married Hannah Martins at Ditchingham. Their son Robert bp 1813 at Hedenham married Mary Ann Punchard at Ditchingham. Their daughter Anna Maria is my great grandmother who married Robert Baker Freeston in 1865
Tyte Litton Somerset England 1731
William Tyte b1731 who married Mary Davey in 1758 is my great x four grandfather. His son William b1765married Margaret Sperring. Their son William b1796 married Ann Kennard in 1812 . their son Phillip b1813 my great grandfather married Ann Millard from East Harptree. They had eleven children and my grandmother Maria was born in 1862. she married Nelson Griffin in London where she was in service and where she lived for the rest of her life. Her father was killed by a tree he was felling in 1873



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