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Bradley Skipton Yorkshire England 1857 1857
Thomas Bradley was born in 1857
Brokenshire St Wenn Cornwall England 1806 1860
Ann Brokenshire married John Tippett on 01/08/1833
Cozens Newport Isle of Wight England 1801 1850
Lovelock Cozens married Elizabeth Taylor and emmigrated to New Zealand
Crowe All N. Ireland 1830 1850
Came to New Zealand 1850 - 1860
Curtis St Wenn, Bodmin Cornwall England 1809 1872
Grace Curtis married Thomas Varcoe 25/08/1828 at St Wenn, Cornwall
Denmead Stoughton Sussex England 1770 1793
John Denmeade married Mary Quennel 01/1793
Dudding Alkborough Lincolnshire England 1480 1858
Evans Hythe Kent England 1863
Albert Edward Evans (alias Goldsmith) born 24/12/1863 in Hythe, Kent
Freeman East Farleigh Kent England 1796
Mary Freeman married John Jury 24/11/1796 in East Farleigh, Kent
Jackson Macclesfield Cheshire England 1844
Elizabeth Jackson (bc1844) married Charles Dudding in Kaipoi, New Zealand
Jury Horsmonden Kent England 1762 1814
Robert Jury married Mary Ellis 02/11/1762 in Horsmonden, Kent
Kercher St Mary Bourne, Overton Hampshire England 1753 1850
Thomas Kercher married Sarah Lee 06/07/1777
Lemont Coagh All N. Ireland 1855

Longland Buckingham Town All England 1851
Mary Ann Longland (bc1851) married Samuel David Staple
Mcclintock Porthall Donegal N. Ireland 1805 1866
Walter McClintock born c1805, married Matilda Stewart born 1809 in St Johnstown, Donegal
Newham Panton Lincolnshire England 1802
Mary Ann Newham (b:c1802, d:1878) married Richard Dudding
Payne Devonport Devon England 1850
Henry Pyne (or Payne), born Devonport c1851. Father, Thomas, Mother Elizabeth (nee Burnard)
Proctor Manchester Lancashire England 1832
Thomas Prockter married Sophia Wyatt 01/11/1832 at Manchester Cathedral
Pyne Devonport Devon England 1850
Henry Pyne (or Payne), born Devonport c1851. Father, Thomas, Mother Elizabeth (nee Burnard)
Quennel Stoughton Sussex England 1770 1793
Mary Quennel married John Denmeade 01/1793
Sellman Newport Shropshire England 1808 1825
Elizabeth Sellman married Samuel Jackson c1825 in Chesire, England
Shadbolt Datchworth Hertfordshire England 1754
Staple Stoke Sub Hamdon All England 1780 1880
Samuel David Staple married Mary Ann Longland c1876
Stewart St Johnstown Donegal N. Ireland 1809
Married Walter McClintock
Streeter Hunton Kent England 1746 1839
Thomas Streeter married Ann Field 27/11/1769
Stribble St Wenn, St Ewe Cornwall England 1764 1825
Ann Stribble married William Varcoe 31/12/1785 at St Wenn, Cornwall
Taylor Laverstoke Hampshire England 1800
Elizabeth Taylor (b:c1800) married Lovelock Cozens
Tippett St Wenn, Bodmin Cornwall England 1834
Jane Elizabeth Tippett married Joseph Hart Varcoe at St Wenn in c1856
Torr Riby Lincolnshire England 1759 1805
Ann Wyer (nee Torr)b:1759, married John Dudding on 21/03/1792
Vercoe Creed, St Ewe, St Wenn Cornwall England 1635 2006

Waddingham Barrow Lincolnshire England 1756
Judith Waddingham married Richard Dudding on 31/08/1756 at Thornton Curtis in Lincolnshire, England
Wright Chester Le Street Durham England 1821
James Wright (b1821), Married Eleanor ?



Birth Date

Born Place




Nathaniel Denmead
16/04/1797 Portsmouth, All, England

Unknown South Australia

Lovelock Cozens
1828 Kensington, London, England

Cashmere London Auckland
New Zealand
Emmigrated with Mother, Father and 3 sisters
Albert Edward Evans
24/12/1863 Hythe, Kent, England

Hydaspes Auckland
New Zealand
Was aged 10 years old when emmigrating with his mother and stepfather, Stephen Goldsmith
Charles Dudding
15/05/1838 Panton, All, England

Rose of Sharon Wellington
New Zealand
Charles went to sea at age 13. He arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in 1858, aged 20 years
Elizabeth Jackson
1808 Newport, Shropshire, England

New Zealand

Walter Mcclintock
1805 Port Hall, All, England

Bombay Lyttleton
New Zealand
Came to New Zealand with his wife, Matilda McClintock (nee Stewart)
Josiah Mcclintock
08/03/1836 Port Hall, Donegal, N. Ireland

Amoor Lyttleton
New Zealand
Travelled with his sister, Barbara McClintock
Barbara Mcclintock
1838 Port Hall, All, England

Amoor Lyttleton
New Zealand
Barbara McClintock came to New Zealand with her brother, Josiah McClintock


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