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Allen Wirksworth Derbyshire Yorkshire 1700 1871
JOSEPH ALLEN had son JOHN in 1778, Wirksworth. JOHN married HANNAH SWIFT in 1799, Wirksworth. They had at least 10 children. One was JOSEPH Allen b1803, married Mary Smith b1806 Warwickshire. They had at least 10 children in Wirksworth between 1823 and 1842. He was a lead miner, she was a lace worker. One son JOSEPH b1829 married LYDIA Neal in 1848 and moved to Altofts then Normanton, Yorks to mine coal. They had at least 8 children. Any info welcome.
Bickerdyke Leeds All England 1800 1900
Richard Bickerdike born about 1800 had a daughter Margaret Bickerdike, or Bigerdyke, b1832 Leeds. She married William Hilbeck Jowett Gavins b1830 Leeds, in Feb 1850. They moved to Sheffield and had 9 children. He was a File Cutter. Any info welcome
Bradbrook Wallingford, Islington Oxfordshire England 1850 1950
PHYLLIS MABEL BRADBROOK, born 1904, possibly in Islington. Her mother's father was WILLIAM COOK, billiards champion. She married FREDERICK SHUGAR and they lived in Oxfordshire with their 7 children. Any info welcome
Buswell Oxfordshire England 1733 1886
FRANCIS BUSWELL or BOSWELL b1733 Iffley, Oxon. Married ELIZABETH WOODWARDS in 1759 St Mary Magdalen, Oxford. They had at least 6 children, one was JAMES b1765 at Cowley. He married ANN HARRIS in 1790 in Headington. They had at least 9 children, one was SARAH BUSWELL b1812 Wootton, Oxon. She married ROBERT HEDGES in 1834 in Wootton. They had at least 10 children. Any info welcome.
Cook London London England 1800 1900
WILLIAM COOK Billiards Champion, born about 1850. He had a daughter who had a daughter Phyllis Mabel Bradbrook. Any info welcome
Cooling Lincolnshire England 1700 1850
JOHN COOLING b1786 married CHARLOTTE PALETHORPE in 1805 Wellingore, Lincs. They had a daughter ANN b1806 Potter Hannah, Lincs. She married THOMAS COY in 1830. They had at least 5 children. Any info welcome.
Corrigan Bedminster, Aston Tirrold Oxfordshire England 1850 1950
THOMAS CORRIGAN born about 1895 possibly in Ireland, came to Bristol and married ELSIE DRAKE. He was in the Royal Artillery at Woolwich. They moved to Oxfordshire. Any info welcome.
Coy South Kyme Lincolnshire England 1786 1873
Thomas Coy b1786 married Mary b1790 in 1807. They had at least 6 children. One of them, Thomas 1806-1881 South Kyme, was a Cottager and Sheep Dresser. He married Ann Cooling 1806-1898 in 1830. They had at least 5 children between 1830 and 1847. Any info welcome.
Drake Bristol Avon England 1850 1950
ELSIE IRENE DRAKE born 3 May 1896 Bedminster. She married THOMAS CORRIGAN in 1918 and moved to Oxfordshire. Any info welcome.
Gavins Leeds Yorkshire England 1800 2005
JOSEPH GAVINS b1810, married ELIZABETH b1808 Leeds. They had son WILLIAM GAVINS b1830 Leeds, married MARGARET BICKERDIKE b1832 Leeds. They had at least 9 children - Martha 1851 Leeds, Joseph 1852 Leeds, Sarah 1859 Sheffield, William 1860 Sheffield, Herbert 1865 Sheffield, Nellie 1867 Sheffield, Charles 1871 Sheffield, Ada 1873 Sheffield, Walter 1875 Brightside, Sheffield. William was a File Cutter in Sheffield and died before 1881. Any info welcome.
Griffin Stonesfield Oxfordshire England 1804 1941
Thomas Griffin, Slatemaker/Stonemason, b1804 Stonesfield. Married Eleanor and had at least 10 children by 1842. One son, Thomas b1827 married Sarah b1832 Combe. They had at least 9 children between 1860 and 1879. Any info welcome.
Harris Oxford Oxfordshire England 1700 1800
JAMES HARRIS b1724 Headington, Oxford. Married ELIZABETH SOANES in 1754, Headington. They had at least 7 children, one was ANNE b1771 Headington. She married JAMES BUSWELL in 1790, Headington. Any info welcome.
Hedges Oxfordshire England 1763 1853
BENJAMIN HEDGES b1763. He married MARTHA LEE in 1785 St Giles, Oxford. They had 1 known child, ROBERT b1797 in Wootton, Oxfordshire. He married SARAH BUSWELL in 1834. They had at least 10 children, one of whom was HANNAH b1853 Wootton. She married GEORGE PARSONS in 1876, they had at least 3 children. Any info welcome.
Hounslow Stonesfield Oxfordshire England 1700 1850
WILLIAM HOUNSLOW, Parish Clerk, born about 1700 married ELIZABETH. They lived in Stonesfield and had at least 9 children between 1739 and 1759. One of them, SAMUEL HOUNSLOW b1754, also a Parish Clerk, married MARTHA COX in 1787 in Stonesfield. They had at least 3 children. One of them, ELEANOR HOUNSLOW b1795 married THOMAS GRIFFIN 1817 in Stonesfield. They had at least 11 children. Any info welcome
Jackson Coningsby Lincolnshire England 1800 1850
Jane Jackson b1834 in Kirkstead or Congingsby, Lincs. Married Robert Lansdall b1831 Coningsby and had 12 children. Any info welcome.
Lansdall Coningsby Lincolnshire England 1791 1974
John Lansdall (or Lansdale) Master Butcher b1791 Horncastle, married Elizabeth b1792. They had at least 4 children in Coningsby - John 1825, George 1829, Robert 1831 and a daughter in 1833. Any info welcome.
Lee Oxford, Wootton Oxfordshire England 1700 1800
MARTHA LEE married BENJAMIN HEDGES in St Giles Oxford in 1785. They had at least one child ROBERT HEDGES b1797 in Wootton. Any info welcome
Moors Oxford Oxfordshire England 1800 1900
SARAH MOOR(E)S b1832 in Combe, Oxfordshire. She married THOMAS GRIFFIN. They lived in Stonesfield and had at least 9 children. Any info welcome.
Neal Heage Derbyshire England 1800 1850
RICHARD NEAL married ELIZABETH (?). They had daughter LYDIA Neal b1832 Heage, Derbys. Married Joseph Allen b1829 Wirksworth in 1848. Had 8 children. Also lived in Yorkshire. He was a coal miner. Any info welcome.
Parsons Middle Barton Oxfordshire England 1800 2005
I am looking for info on Benjamin Parsons b1809 Middle Barton, married Mary who died in 1849, then Elizabeth b1815 Radway. Had at least 5 children Alban b1840 in Middle Barton, Mary b1844 Barton, George b1847 Adderbury, Elizabeth b1850 Adderbury, Benjamin b1852 Adderbury. Any info welcome.
Poole Oxford Oxfordshire England 1750 1900
JOHN POOLE married ELIZABETH SMITH in 1798 Stonesfield, Oxfordshire. They had at least 6 children, one was SARAH POOL b 1806 Stonesfield. She married JAMES ROBERTS in 1827 Stonesfield. They had at least 9 children. Any info welcome.
Potterton Kyme Lincolnshire England 1800 1850
Mary Potterton b1839 South Kyme, Lincs, married John Coy b1837 South Kyme. They had 7 children. Any info welcome.
Roberts Stonesfield Oxfordshire England 1800 1900
Emma Roberts b1859 Stonesfield, Oxon. Her grandfather was James Roberts b1805 New Barn, Oxon. Emma married Thomas Griffin b1860 Stonesfield in 1881 and they had 10 children. Who were Emma's parents?! Any info welcome.
Shugar Wallingford Oxfordshire England 1850 1985
FREDERICK SHUGAR married PHYLLIS MABEL BRADBROOK. They lived in Wallingford and had 7 children. Any info welcome.
Soanes Oxford Oxfordshire England 1600 1800
THOMAS SOANES b1680 Headington, Oxon. He had at least 1 child THOMAS b1701, Headington. He had at least 10 children, one was ELIZABETH b1727, Headington. She married JAMES HARRIS in 1754, Headington. Any info welcome, particularly on the wives!



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