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Bossingham Kirton-in-holland Lincolnshire England 1700 1850
Wm and Elizabeth Stevenson Bossingham are our earliest known ancestors. a bunch of American researchers are interested in this lineage.
Cross Woodbridge Suffolk England 1550 1900
Quakers, Edmond Crosse and Sarah...may have come from Framlingham. great grandson's removed to Colchester, Essex, England in 1830's but may have some relatives there as late as 1900?
Cross Essex England 1700
Edmund Cross m. Hannah Hawkins in Colchester-Quakers. I believe he was preceded by relatives at a much earlier date as another Edmond Cross is there ahead of him, also a Quaker. the Cross's were Quakers in Woodbridge Suffolk starting in 1655.
Freeman Acton, Walton, Woodbridge All England 1600 1900
John Freeman of Acton, m. Susannah Rayner of Harwich, Quaker m. they settled in Walton, had relatives in Woodbridge, all varieties of religous faiths-non-conformist and CofE....
Hawkins Colchester Essex England 1700
Hannah Hawkins, only surviving child of Matthew Hawkins and Hannah Gage. some relatives-Christopher Hawkins, Thorpe, Upcher, Haskins (possible variant on the name.)
Head Banbury, Neithrop Oxfordshire England 1823
John Head of Frostenham, Suff. m. in Colchester, Essex to Elizabeth Cross. they removed to Banbury and had at least two children, John Joseph and Maria. John J. had a large family but they sort of disappear between 1891 and 1901...a few can be found...
Ledwedge Kilkock, Fanagh Kildare N. Ireland 1800
Patrick Ledwitch m. Mary McDermott, children Margaret Bridget Mary Catherine Peter Patrick Anne. known relatives surnames-Mulloy, Spring, Flinn, Barry, Lube, Ohara, McDermott, McCann, Deering, McQuire, Flyn, Madden, Reily, Fitzimmons and Hanlon-all witnesses at baptisms or marriages. son Peter removed to America and m. Elizabeth McAvoy/McElvoy.
Mason Armley Yorkshire England 1700 1900
Christopher Armley m. unknown, 8 children; George, John, Mary, Susannah, Christopher, John, Susan and William.
Mcdonald Baliviphail? Inverness-shire Scotland 1750
Archibald McDonald and his wife Margaret came to Nova Scotia with their son Allan and I presume a number of other children abt 1812. they settled in a number of places in Nova Scotia, and Allan has an obolisk tombstone in Black Brook, Nova Scotia. researching them has been very difficult. Allan m. Sarah McPhail the daughter of Donald McPhail and Mary McAskill and the only town in the crofters census for inverness-shire that has both an Archibald McDonald and a Donald McPhail in the same town is the one for Baliviphail
Moffitt Near Leeds Yorkshire England 1700 1900
William, b. 24 Nov 1803. death certificate gives his place of birth as "near Leeds". no idea who his parents or siblings were-very difficult to find Moffitt's of any spelling in online Yorkshire databases.
Nainby All England 1690
A Mr. Nainby m. Margaret Cross of Woodbridge, Suffolk. they may have lived in Surrey or London for a time but Margaret was b. and d. in Woodbridge. who was he and did they have any children?
Rayner Harwich Essex England 1600 1700
Susannah Rayner, a Quaker. Harwich meeting records are non extant, so Stanley Fitch states in his book Colchester Quakers, and I can't find a scrap of paper on her except for her intention to m. in Colchester meeting. that in itself is missing, though it's in the digest.
Richards Lawford, Manningtree, Col Essex England 1600 1850

Smith Of Colchester Essex England 1700
Hannah was b. 12 Dec 1785, m. by banns to Joseph Cross in St. Martins, Colchester. she leaves little in the way of records and we do not know her ancestry, or her contemporary relatives.
Smith Of Batley, Armley Yorkshire England 1700 1900
Martha Smith. nothing known of her but a hymnal owned by a descendant says "Martha Smith, Batley and a date of abt 1806...not her birth, which would be abt 1776-78.
South Lincolnshire England 1750 1850
Richard came to America with his wife Elizabeth Bossingham and their first two children, Matthew and Caroline-we think Caroline died onboard ship. she didn't make it to America. they settled in Onondega Co., New York were they had Diana, William and George-though our one record for William says he was b. in England, and then they removed to Wisconsin where they had a last child, Emanuel.



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Joseph Cross
2 Jun 1782 Colchester, All, England

unknown unknown unknown
United States
brought his wife and 4 younger children with him-Hannah Smith, Maria Ann, Hannah Lydia, James and Josiah. 2 sons, William and John, preceded them by about a year-haven't found thier immigration yet, either. their oldest son, Joseph Aubrey Cross, came seperately with some of his children. we can't find his wife coming in, or some of his children, either. he came on the Mary Catherine in 1848, much later than the rest of the family.
Hannah Smith
12 Dec 1785 of Colchester, All, England

unknown unknown unknown
United States
see notes for Joseph Cross, her husband...
Martha Mason
25 Mar 1810 Armley, All, England

unknown unknown Massachusetts?
United States
see notes for William Moffitt, her husband
William Moffitt
24 Nov 1804 near Leeds, Yorkshire, England

unknown unknown Massachusetts?
United States
William Moffitt came to Massachusetts to help build a mill. his wife or wife to be, Martha Mason came with him, along with a brother of hers, William Mason who was also there to help build a mill.
Elizabeth Bossingham
25 Jan 1810 Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, England

unknown unknown unknown
United States
see notes for Richard South, her husband
richard South
1799-1803 of, Lincolnshire, England

unknown unknown unknown
United States
he came with his wife, Elizabeth Bossingham, and their two children, Matthew and Caroline. Caroline is thought to have died onboard.


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