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Bartlett Somerset England 1840 1920
John Bartlett (b 1840/1 in Litton, Somerset) a thatcher married Mary Ann Paines (b 1842/3 in East Horrington, Somerset). There children included: John Bartlett (b 1864/5 in East Horrington, Somerset); Louisa Bartlett (b 1866/7 in Ashwick, Somerset); William Bartlett (b 1870/1 in Ashwick, Somerset); Thomas Bartlett (b1872 Midsomer Norton, Somerset - 1947) married Agnes Elizabeth Lye (1875-1909) and had three children (Lily Frances Mary Bartlett (1903 - 1981), Rose May Bartlett (1905 - ) who married Archibald Foster ( -1975) and Harold Lye Bartlett (1909 - 1985) married); Rose Bartlett (b 1875/6 in Ashwick, Somerset); Henrietta Bartlett (b 1877/8 in Emborough, Somerset); and Charles Bartlett (b1880 in Emborough, Somerset). Contact with any decendants welcomed.
Brown London & Kingston London England 1851 1927
James Brown (1851-1927), a general carrier, married Caroline Bell (b1857). Both had been born in Holloway, London. Lived at 1A Chapel Road, London, Middlesex according to the 1881 census. Possibly married in Islington. Later lived at 33 New Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. Their children were: Caroline (Carrie) 1875-1970; James Harry Brown (1877 - 1963), known as Harry, married Alice Cash (1874/5 - 1945), emigrated to Australia ; Arthur Brown, a butcher (1887-1917) who married Edith Warne: John Brown (also killed in WW1) who married and had two children, Stanley and Ruth; and Elizabeth Brown (Lizzie) 1895-1997 who married Jack Brown.
Godley Lincolnshire England 1830 1880
Thomas J D Godley (b 1832/3 Hale, Lincs) married Anne (b 1836/7 Walcott, Lincs). Their children were: Ethel G Godley (b 1862/3 Hale, Lincs); Dawson Montague Godley a carpenter (b 1867/8 Hale, Sleaford, Lincs) and married Jessie Prosser (b about 1872, five children Reginald, Cecil, Leonard, Herbert and Dorothy); and Tom G Godley (b 1869/70 Hale, Lincs)
Lye Somerset England 1840
Thomas Lye an agricultural labourer (b 1842/3 Stone Easton, Somerset) married Francis (b 1841/2 Ashwick, Somerset). Their children included: William Lye (b 1866/7 Midsomer Norton, Somerset); Albert Lye (b 1867/8 Midsomer Norton); Emily Jane Lye (b 1870/1 Midsomer Norton, d 1935) married Ralph Hayes; Alice Lye (b 1872/3); Agnes Elizabeth Lye (1875 - 1909) married Thomas Bartlett (1872 - 1947); Rosena Lye (b 1876/7 Midsomer Norton); Frances Lye (b 1877/8 Midsomer Norton); and Frederick Lye (b 1879/80 Stone Easton). Contact with any decendants welcomed.
prosser Taynton, Harescombe, & ot Bedfordshire England 1800 1900

Todd All England 1850 1950
William Todd married Laura Watson (b 1880/1 in Leeds d 1962) some time between 1901 and 1906. Three children: Gladys Todd married Francis Skilbeck (Frank); Madge Todd married Bert Simms; and Kathleen Todd married Herbert (Bert) Godley
Watson Yorkshire England 1849 1962
Mrs Jane Watson (b 1849/50). Maiden name and husband's first name not know. Children include: Laura Watson (b 1880/1 in Leeds d 1962) married William (Richard) Todd; and Edith Watson (b 1881/2). Posibly also Amy and Frances. Jane had been widowed by the 1901 census.



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