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Albert Colchester Essex England 1804 1826
George Albert born Colchester c1804. Was a shoemaker. Moved up to Preston, Lancashire and married Margaret Edwards.
Albert Preston Lancashire England 1826
George Albert of Colchester married Margaret Edwards 1826. They had children including Ann Albert, who married my great great great grandfather Henry Smith in 1851.
Banister Leyland All England 1879

Beesley Broughton Lancashire England
Anna Beesley married Christopher Alston in Broughton in 1788. She was born in Broughton on the 22cd of April 1761. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Beesley (mn unknown). Thomas was born c1732 in Barton, Broughton and christened January 2cd 1732 in Barton. His parents were John and Jane (or Ann) Beesley (nee Cross) who were married on the 30th January 1721 in Broughton. John was born in Barton c1696 and Ann/Jane was born on the 28th May 1697 in Broughton. John's father was a Thomas Beesley who was born c1164 in Broughton, and married a Margaret in Broughton in 1689. Thomas' parents were George and Mary Beesley (mn unknown) who were married in Broughton in 1656. George was born c1621 in Ingolhead, Broughton and he diead sometime after 1694. His father was a George Beesley who was born c1595 in either Clitheroe or Ingolhead.
Berry Newchurch-in-pendle, Burn Lancashire England
Jane Berry was born 14th june 1818 in Newchurch, to James and Margaret Berry (nee Jarman), who married 6 October 1814 in Newchurch. James Berry was christened on the 14th of October 1792 in Newchurch and died on the 9th of September 1820 in Newchurch. His parents were Henry Webster and Ellen Berry (nee Dugdale). Henry Webster Berry was born in Foothouse Gate, Newchurch and was christened 27th March 1768. He died on the 7th of June 1840 in Pasture, near Barrowford and was buried in Newchurch a few days later. His father was born James Berry c1733 in Foothouse Gate, Newchurch, although nothing more is known about him. James' parents were Andrew and Ann Berry (mn unknown) who married c1732. Andrew was born Andrew Bury c1707 in Burnley, and Ann was born in 1711 in Burnley. She died in February 1776 and was buried on the 11th of February.
Bracewell Colne/accrington/preston Lancashire England 1798
David Bracewell born c1800 in Colne. Married Mary Wilkinson 1823. Children included Wilkinson Bracewell, born Accrington c1849, who married Martha Rogerson in Preston, Lancashire. Their daughter, Mary Bracewell, married my great great grandfather Henry Smith in c1895.
Callaghan Dover Kent England 1863
Mary Ann Callaghan born Dover 1863 to James (or Andrew) Callaghan and Mary, born 1826 and 1831 in Dublin, Eire.
Callaghan Preston Lancashire England 1863
Mary Ann Callaghan, born Dover c1863, married James Clitheroe Scowcroft in Preston, Lancashire in 1883,
Clark Suffolk England 1750 1850
John and Frances Clark married in Ashfield-Cum-Thorpe c1810. Their son, George was born in A-C-T in 1813. He married Eliza Warner and had about five children, including Mary, my great great great grandmother. George and Mary (and possibly the rest of the family) moved up to Preston, Lancashire. George had a second wife, Olivya.
Clegg Preston Lancashire England 1888 1930
Joseph Clegg bc1888, married Mary Ellen Willis. Had many children, including Gerald, Richard and my great grandmother Elizabeth Veronica Clegg.
Cooke Newchurch-in-pendle Lancashire England
Martha Cooke married Richard Dugdale on the 28th of February 1756 in Newchurch.
Dugdale Newchurch-in Pendle, Whal Lancashire England
Richard Dugdale married Martha Cooke 28 February 1756 at Newchurch-in-Pendle. He was christened on the 9th of April 1738 in Whalley to Robert and Ellen Dugdale (nee Read). Robert Dugdale was christened on the 8th April 1711 in Whalley, to a Margaret Dugdale who was christened on the 4th February 1676 in Colne. Her parents were John and Ellen Dugdell (nee Mercer) who were married on the 12th July 1668 in Whalley.
Edwards Preston Lancashire England 1750
Margaret Edwards was born to John and Jane Edwards (nee Roads) c1805 in Preston, Lancashire. She married a George Albert in 1826 in Preston.
Godbold Cretingham? All England 1780 1801

Harling Preston Lancashire England 1866 1950
Charles Harling born c1866. Married Alice Wilson 1887. Children include Frederick and Ethel.
Lewis Gloucestershire England 1780 1871
Sarah Lewis married Richard Ricketts of Westbury. She was born c1781 and was still alive in 1871, aged 91 years.
Marcer Whalley Lancashire England
Ellen Mercer/Marser was christened on the 3rd of May 1637 in Whalley to Richard and Alice Marcer (nee Pollard) who were married on the 29th of January 1632 in Whalley.
Maynard St Pancras London England 1908
James Frank Maynard born Kentish Town in 1908. Moved up to Preston, Lancashire and married Elizabeth Veronica Clegg.
Mckenna Leyland Lancashire England 1873 2005

Mckenna Liverpool Lancashire England 1850 1873
James McKenna born Liverpool c1851. Occupation was basket-maker. He moved to Leyland and married Agnes Bannister in 1873.
Moxham Lytham/preston Lancashire England 1790 1935
Helena Moxham had a son, George, in Lytham c1815. George married and his son, William Moxham was in Preston, whbere he married an Ellen Alston. Their daughter, Ellen Moxham, had a daughter, Elizabeth Moxham, who married Lewin Henry Ricketts of Wighan. She died fairly young in the 1930's, leaving at least two children, William and my maternal grandmother Helen Ricketts.
Pollard Whalley Lancashire England
Alice Pollard married Richard Marcer on the 29th of January 1632 in Whalley.
Ricketts Westbury-upon-severn Gloucestershire England 1800 1870
Richard Ricketts, Sarah Lewis parents of Richard, who married Sarah Ann Pearce. They had a son, Lewin Henry, who moved to Wigan to work as a coal miner.
Rogerson Preston Lancashire England 1773 1849
Richard Rogerson born Preston c1773. Married Mary Thompson. Children included James Rogerson born c1810 in Preston. He married, possibly, an Ann, and his children included Martha, born 1849, who was my great great great grandmother. She married a Wilkinson Bracewell.
Scowcroft Preston Lancashire England 1811 1901
John Scowcroft born 1811, possibly Ireland. James Scowcroft born 1839.Married Mary Clark. James Scowcroft born 1864. Married Mary Ann Callaghan. Beatrice Scowcroft born 1901. Married James Marshall McKenna.
Smith Preston Lancashire England 1827 2005
Henry Smith born Preston 1827. Married Ann Albert 1851. Henry Smith born Preston 1871. Married Mary Bracewell c1890. Henry Smith born Preston 1898. Married Ethel Harling c1922. Charles Henry Smith born Preston 1930. Married Elizabeth Maynard 1955.
Warner Suffolk England 1750 1815
John Warner married Sarah Fisher in Kenton, Suffolk in 1869. They children included Robert Warner, born 1776 in Ashfield-Cum-Thorpe. He married Lydia Godbold in 1801. Their children included Eliza Warner, born 1815 in A-C-T. She married George Clark.
Wilson Preston Lancashire England 1840 1900
James Wilson married Jane Miller (form. Berry, nee Wren) in Preston in 1866. Children included Mary Alice (known as Alice).
Wren Crosthwaite/kendal All England 1500 1900



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